2021-Jul 26 - 2021-Jul 30

1st EU-CONEXUS PhD Summer School

The European University for Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability invites PhD students of EU-CONEXUS universities to master professional and scientific communication and to gain experience working in interdisciplinary research teams participating in the 1st EU-CONEXUS PhD Summer School. 

When and where?

26 โ€“ 30 July 2021
Zadar, Croatia / Blended / Virtual*


All information about Summer School

During 1-week summer school about 35 PhD students will participate in:

  • Seminars, given by the experts in interdisciplinary research, project development and communication,
  • Workshops to apply the theory and expertise in practice: all participants will be assigned to interdisciplinary research projects (5-6 students per project) and will work on them, guided by the experts of the summer school,

Networking, field visits, cultural events.

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