Research Management Administrators Mobility and Network Programme

The Research Management Administrators (RMA) Mobility and Network Programme, part of the EU-CONEXUS Enables project, is a strategic initiative aimed at fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among Research Management Administrators across EU-CONEXUS. This programme enhances the professional development of RMAs, especially those from widening countries, by offering mobility, networking, and training opportunities. It focuses on building a robust Community of Practice (CoP) that promotes the exchange of best practices, skills, and knowledge in research management and administration. 

Research Management Administrators Mobility and Network Programme

The Community of Practice is a dedicated network of administrative staff from all partners who share a passion for research management and supporting researchers. 


Community of Practice includes:

Research Management Administrators (RMAs)

Research Career Managers 

Coordinators of research groups/departments 

Research coordinators from each partner university 

Grant managers and coordinators from associated partners 

Research quality officers 

Policy makers from associated partners 

Representatives from funding structures from associated partners 

Institutional representatives from universities and research organizations 

This CoP is defined by its common goals, a specific domain of learning and practice, and its activities and recurring meetings 


Facilitate the exchange of information, experiences, and best practices among RMAs.

Provide training and development opportunities to enhance RMAs’ skills and competencies.

Provide training and development opportunities to enhance RMAs’ skills and competencies.

Encourage the adoption of innovative practices in research management and administration.

The CoP focuses on various aspects of research management and administration. 

Domain of Learning and Practice: 

Grant application and management / funding proposal preparation and post-award management

Research compliance and regulatory affairs

Project planning and budgeting

Data management and open research practices

Policy and impact assessment

Ethics and gender considerations in research

Dissemination and communication strategies

Enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness of research projects

The RMA Mobility and Network Programme is dedicated to creating a dynamic and supportive environment for RMAs, fostering their growth and enhancing their contributions to research management and administration across the EU-CONEXUS network. 


Trainings and Workshops: Covering topics such as funding proposal preparation, project management, data management plans, ethics, and dissemination strategies. Webinars on specific research management issues, providing opportunities for real-time interaction and Q&A.

Short-term Mobility Programmes: Funded opportunities for RMAs to visit partner institutions, facilitating knowledge transfer and networking.

Support and Mentoring: Providing advice, mentorship, and support to members, particularly those new to the field.

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