One of the main EU-CONEXUS goals is to increase mobility of all categories of students and staff (administrative, teaching and research staff). Students mobility will be implemented mainly at bachelor and master level with the Erasmus+ key action 3 at all partner institutions.

The expected numbers of intra‐EU‐CONEXUS participants to mobility actions are: 

  • Students: up to 50% including virtual mobility, among these 50% at least 10% will also experience physical mobility 
  • PhD students: 30% (virtual and/or physical mobility) 

Virtual mobility

EU-CONEXUS promotes virtual mobility as well as physical or blended mobility (physical and virtual).

Students from any EU-CONEXUS partners have the possibility to register for an online course or attend a class in another university in direct live through broadcast. Courses can be taught in english or in any national languages. An automatic translation will be available.