The promotion of European culture and languages (including, culture, gastronomy and all other aspects of life) is one of the main objective of EU-CONEXUS. Due to the ongoing pandemic all cultural activities go digital.

Hello challenge

The first cultural video is about greetings in the 6 partner universities of EU-CONEXUS: discover how to say hello in the 6 languages and the similarities and differences in the ways people greets each other verbally.

“Let’s cook!” challenge

The second cultural video will surely make you crave all the delicacies that EU-CONEXUS countries have to offer. Check the recipes prepared by our students, cook a meal of any EU-CONEXUS country and enjoy.

Dance challenge

The third cultural video invite you to reconnect to the joy of dancing by saying YES. Choose a dance that made you happy lately, specific to your country or to your mood, and show your best moves