Students Ambassadors Programme

Students Ambassadors Programme

We are looking for initiative and outgoing students for our Student Ambassador Programme. We recruit persons who like to be visible, especially on social media, and are interested in new opportunities. 

In this program, we show trust in our students to represent EU-CONEXUS in the best possible light. Becoming an EU-CONEXUS ambassador you take responsibility to be the EU-CONEXUS voice and face for those who don’t know about our institution yet or want to know more.

We value our student‘s views as institute representatives, so you will have the opportunity to encourage prospective students, their parents, teachers, and other parts of society to engage in EU-CONEXUS by giving your view of university life and describing your own experiences.

With your help of you we seek EU-CONEXUS would be more recognizable. 

It doesn‘t matter – you bachelor, master, or Ph.D. student. We are looking for your help for one academic year. If you would like to apply, please just fill in the application form.



Engage in our social media by posting about us on a regular basis and conducting EU-CONEXUS social media takeovers regularly.

Participate in our events and initiatives

Take part in our photoshoots and representational videos

Generate new project and content ideas to improve our communication and enhance the overall student experience.

Assist in communicating with our future students and building meaningful relationships with them.

University attributes (t-shirts, pens, drinking bottles, etc.)

Opportunity to plan events / to give input into EU-CONEXUS communication campaigns planning

Letter or recommendation/experience for their resume/CV

Practice in either institution’s recruitment or marketing teams/skills of working in the international team

Participation in EU-CONEXUS mobility

Participation in different pieces of training