Students Ambassadors Programme

Students Ambassadors Programme

Are you an outgoing student with confidence, self-assurance and initiative, visible on social media, and interested in new opportunities?  If so, we are recruiting for our Students Ambassadors Programme. 

In this programme, you will be entrusted with representing our institution and our partners in the EU-CONEXUS university alliance. Becoming an EU-CONEXUS ambassador you will take on the face and voice of EU-CONEXUS for those who don’t know about it and who want to know more. 

As our student ambassador, you will present your opinions, ideas, and experience of university life to encourage prospective students, parents, teachers, and other members of society to engage in EU-CONEXUS. With your help EU-CONEXUS will become more of a recognizable educational opportunity. 

We are looking for Bachelor, Master, or Ph.D. students to take on this role for just one academic year. If you would like to apply, please fill in the short, simple application form. 

Mandatory requirements:

Additional requirements:

To engage in our social media by posting about us on a regular basis and conducting EU-CONEXUS social media takeovers regularly. 

Participate in our events and initiatives

Take part in our photoshoots and representational videos

Generate new project and content ideas to improve our communication and enhance the overall student experience. 

Assist in communicating with our future students and building meaningful relationships with them. 

University branded products (t-shirts, pens, drinking bottles, etc.) 

Events planning as well as strategic input into EU-CONEXUS communication campaigns planning 

Letter or recommendation/experience for resume/CV 

Skills of working in the international team and practice in either the institution’s recruitment or marketing teams 

Participation in EU-CONEXUS mobility exchange

Skills and knowledge training programmes 

Registration ended, thank you!