EU-CONEXUS Office for Development of Study Offers (ODSO)

The EU-CONEXUS Office for Development of Study Offers (ODSO) will cooperate with corresponding structures at partner institutions and coordinate activities of all EU-CONEXUS bodies and structures that might be involved in programme design, development and accreditation.

The Office will be the first and only point of contact for developing EU-CONEXUS study offers and will guide teachers step-by-step from the beginning to the end of the process.

The Office staff will assist teachers in developing the study programme, provide all passages and approvals included in the Rules Book and, if needed, assist the applicant to prepare and organise the accreditation of the study programme according to the European approach. The Office will assist and guide the applicants (in coordination with WP10) in preparing the documents for applying for grants and other possible forms of external funding support for the programme.

Contact :

EU-CONEXUS Project Development Support Office (PDSO)

The Project Development Support Office (PDSO) has been established in the framework of EU-CONEXUS Plus. It aspires to assist the EU-CONEXUS academic community (teacher-researchers, researchers or administrative staff) working in any university of the alliance by helping them apply to external calls for proposals. Specific target groups are consortia involving a minimum of two EU-CONEXUS institutions willing to submit a collaborative research or education project in response to a European or international call. The PDSO has also put in place its own funding opportunities (i.e., Seed Funding & Project Development Fund) with the goal of enhancing collaboration among partners within the alliance.


The main goal of the office is to provide guidance to applicants during pre-award phase, by supporting them in the preparation of their applications. More specifically, the PDSO may offer support in the following aspects of project development:

  • Identifying relevant funding opportunities
  • Looking for potential partners within or outside the alliance
  • Supporting the project leader with administrative tasks
  • Setting up and leading project meetings, writing the minutes
  • Reviewing the proposal, proofreading
  • Providing assistance with the preparation of the provisional budget
  • Being responsible for the follow-up of relations with partners as well as the funding body
  • Helping with project submission on dedicated platforms

On top of that, one of the objectives of the PDSO is for people from the alliance to be aware of interesting upcoming calls. Therefore, it will from time to time hold or take part in events and webinars in order to present relevant funding opportunities to the community.

In addition, the PDSO also manages the Seed Funding (SF) & Project Development Fund (PDF):


The office is composed of project officers from some of the EU-CONEXUS institutions who all have expertise on project development. For now, the PDSO can count on four members from three different countries of the alliance:

  • Ms. Lucie VAUCEL (LRUniv, France), PDSO Coordinator
  • Ms. Adriana SUMANARU (UTCB, Romania), Project Officer
  • Mr. Savvas EVRIPIDES (FREDU, Cyprus), Project Officer
  • Mr. Lino GRUBER (LRUniv, France), Project Officer

In the long term, the office plans on welcoming even more staff from other institutions. The goal is to foster collaboration among EU-CONEXUS partners, so that more and more joint research and education projects are submitted at a global scale.

For any information or if you wish to benefit from the support of the PDSO, feel free to use the following generic email address:

EU-CONEXUS Career Centre

EU-CONEXUS has gathered the Career Centres of all partner universities to jointly share experience from working with students and employers to help them to explore their options and links with industry. We want all our EU-CONEXUS European University students to benefit from international jobs and have access to as much information and resources as possible.

We have created an EU-CONEXUS Career Centre space on the Job Teaser platform where each European University student can register and explore all the listed companies to get the perfect job or internship. Our careers advisors are available for meetings to help you explore your options, develop your employability skills to make successful job applications, and attend job fairs.

More information:

EU-CONEXUS has created a Career Centre space on the Job Teaser platform where each European University student can register and explore all the listed companies to get the perfect job or internship.