La Rochelle Université

  • Chize Centre for Biological Studies (CEBC)
  • Management Research Centre (CEREGE)
  • Research Centre for Atlantic and International History (CRHIA)
  • International Study Centre Romanity (CEIR)
  • Legal and Political Studies Centre (CEJEP)
  • Laboratory of Informatics Image Interaction (L3I)
  • Laboratory of Engineering Sciences for the Environment (LaSiE)
  • Littoral, Environment and Societies (LIENSs)
  • Mathematics Image and Application
  • PELAGIS Observatory

Laboratories in a partnership with Private Institutions:

  • 4evLab
  • Building Innovation-Lab: Technologies and Methodologies to improve building global performance
  • SAIL: Sequential Art Image Laboratory
  • IDEAS: Laboratory for Engineering, Analysis and Documentary Security

International laboratories

  • ICT Lab

Agricultural University of Athens

  • Laboratory of Applied Hydrobiology

Research in production, protection of aquatic environment and welfare of farmed species

  • Laboratory of Cell Technology

In vitro toxicology research
Αssessment of toxicity of pesticides and mycotoxins
Ιdentification of natural bioactive compounds with pharmacological potential

  • Molecular Biology Laboratory

Marine microorganisms systems biology
Development of high added value products form marine organisms including microalgae and marine bacteriophages

Catholic University of Valencia

  •  Institute of Environment and Marine Sciences Research (IMEDMAR-UCV)

Marine Biology and Marine Biotechnology
Coastal and Environmental Geomorphology
Aquatic Resources
Chemical and Coastal Marine Oceanography
Marine Geology and Physical Oceanography

  •  Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology

Social Sciences
Law Sciences
Political Sciences
Economy and Enterprise
Educational Sciences, Experimental/Social/Basic Psychology, Philosophy
Social and Cultural Anthropology, History
Bibliometry, Philology, Literature, Linguistics
Visual and Scenic Arts,
Ethic, BioLaw, Bioethics

Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest

  •  Seismic Risk Assessment Research Center -Seismic response and fragility/vulnerability of structures

Seismic monitoring and seismic hazard analysis; Seismic response of the ground;
Analysis of seismic risk and resilience; Assessing building safety at natural hazard (earthquake, wind, snow).

  • Groung water Engineering Research Center

Underground water resources, groundwater studies in urban environments

  • Space Geodesy, Photogrametry, Remote Sensing  and GIS:

Applying GNSS systems in studies of crustal movements (geodynamics)
Monitoring of geomorphologic and climatic changes, pollution expansion
Developing risk maps for natural or man-made disasters

University of Zadar

  • The Centre for Interdisciplinary Marine and Maritime Research (CIMMAR)

Aquaculture production
Environmental and economic sustainability
Technical maintenance
Capacity to adapt to natural, economic and societal changes
Integrated multitrophic aquaculture (IMTA)

  • Geospatial analysis laboratory (GAL)
  • Centre for educational sciences
  • Centre for onomastic
  • Centre for research of karst and coastal areas.
  • General Hospital Zadar (including hospital labs) (Cooperation Agreement with UNIZD)

Klaipeda University

Coastal Environment and Biogeochemistry Laboratory

  • Observational and experimental research from the gene to the ecosystem level in both aquatic and terrestrial environments.
  • Analysis of nutrient cycling in inland and coastal waters
  • Analysis of genetic diversity, population genetic structure
  • Microscopic analysis of bacteria, zoo- and phytoplankton, zoobenthos

Fishery and Aquaculture Laboratory

  • Fish ecology and functioning of aquatic ecosystems
  • Applied research in fishery and aquaculture
  • Assessment, modelling and management of fish stocks
  • Genetic research in fishery and aquaculture
  • National Fisheries Data Collection Programme and other monitoring activities
  • Management of recreational fishery and its impact on fish stocks
  • Assessment, mapping and modelling of aquatic ecosystem services

Waterborne Transport and Air Pollution Laboratory

  • Research and improvement of waterborne transport efficiency and ecological parameters.
  • Analysis of complete spectre of topics including fuels, engine and hull design and environmental performance.
  • Various types of liquid and solid fuels
  • Fuel mixtures

Mechanical and Marine Engineering Laboratory

  • Testing of static and dynamic mechanical properties of materials and structures
  • Diagnostics and monitoring of rotating machinery, dynamic rotor balancing and thermovision
  • Digital image recognition technology
  • Multi-purpose research vessel R/V MINTIS
  • Institute of Baltic Region History and Archeaeology

Pre-Historic and Historic Cultural and Social Landscapes of the Eastern Baltic Region 
Social and Cultural Change in the Eastern Baltic Region in the Mediaeval and Modern Periods