Skills map is a skills mastery and progress monitoring assessment that helps Educational Departments drill down to the specific skills each student needs to learn. A skills map will help define what the needs of economic actors in an urban coastal environment are with regard to professionalising education and vocational training. The continuous involvement of the regional economic communities will allow for the constant adaptation of the study offer to their evolving needs.

The skills gaps and future demand identification with industrial partners and other relevant stakeholders are key tasks of the Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability academic offer to higher education and vocational training. To identify national and cross‐border professional and soft skills required in the sector, Programme Committees will develop a questionnaire to be distributed to the industrial partners and meetings with national stakeholders will be organised and relevant stakeholders will be included in the PC as associated members.

The industry skills map will be used to develop academic offers that meet actual and future requirements of the industry and society. The skills map is used to develop synergies between EU-CONEXUS and the industrial world, to improve student employment and bridge the gap between the industry and academia in order to promote innovation.