The international non-profit association (association internationale sans but lucrative – AISBL) was created under Belgian law for the management of EU-CONEXUS. The EU-CONEXUS partner universities have decided to set-up this legal entity in order to centralise and rationalise the administration of selected joint activities and/or procedures. Thus, it serves as a testbed for an operational collaboration framework for a European University Alliance.



The EU-CONEXUS AISBL pursues the following non-profit and international goals:

to promote and coordinate the four missions of the European University for Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability EU-CONEXUS: Education, Research, Innovation, Service to Society

to develop and implement a long-term partnership and cooperation strategy based on a common vision and values in relation to the four missions.

The seat of the association has been chosen in Belgium considering the “neutrality” of the seat country which is not a partner country in the Alliance and the opportunity to establish a “policy monitoring office” for EU-CONEXUS in Brussels close to the European institutions.The AISBL is financed by the Erasmus+ project EU-CONEXUS Plus and contributions from the EU-CONEXUS partner universities and has a clearly defined and commonly agreed activity spectrum within the Erasmus+ project activities.

Members of the Association

Organs of the Association

Headquarter: Representation of Nouvelle Aquitaine Region Rue Montoyer 21, B-1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

More information: Official Statutes available here 

Integration of two new Members (AUA and SETU) in the Association here