Through the European University Alliance EU-CONEXUS commitment to open science principles, we’re contributing to the way knowledge is shared and empowering individuals of all ages to explore, understand, and contribute to the vast world of science.

In line with its mission to bring science closer to the society, the EU-CONEXUS Research for Society (RFS) project partners have launched an online open access popular science journal, titled Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability. It is available to all stakeholders, industry representatives, policy makers, researchers, students, and the general public. This initiative aims to raise public awareness of societal, economic and environmental challenges in urban coastal areas and share the scientific endeavours of the EU-CONEXUS Alliance with the society.

Additionally, researchers and a wider scientific community also have an invaluable opportunity to delve into extensive research outputs focusing on urban and semi-urban coastal areas when entering the EU-CONEXUS OpenAIRE Gateway. This is an open science infrastructure positioned to play a pivotal role in advancing visibility and collaboration not only within the EU-CONEXUS research community, spanning nine European countries, but also a wider research ecosystem. 

So whether you’re looking to dive into the latest research findings, connect with fellow scholars, or simply satisfy your curiosity, we invite you to explore the world of open science with us!