2022 May/11

School Contest international winners

The international final of the 2nd edition of the EU-CONEXUS School Contest was held on May 5, 2022. The jury members met face-to-face at the Catholic University of Valencia, Spain.

Two countries, France and Cyprus, registered teams for the first time during this 2nd edition, which received projects from over 90 teams. The topic was to create a sustainable green building or a smart port, depending on the category. Students aged 12-14 were asked to present their projects as a 3D model using sustainable materials, while those aged 14-16 had to use a computer program to design theirs.

Winning project on category 12-14

The Greek team from the Psychico College was awarded the first place in the 12-14 category. They created a 3D Smart Mall using sustainable and biodegradable materials: paper, cork, wood, cotton, natural marine sponge, and cardboard. Moreover, the team did some research on locations in their region where their mall could be built. Their mall also included smart spots to recharge electric cars, sensors for carbon dioxide levels, and automation. The level of detail in the winning model is stunning.

Winning project on category 14-16

Team Biomatics from Romania won the first place in the 14-16 category. They designed a whole smart and green city using a computer programme. Their city included several sustainable buildings and living areas, such as green spaces, a farm, a recycling centre, and an energy distribution centre. Their presentation showed a city plan, and developed their main ideas for sustainability, like waste collection through a smart bin system.

The jury was amazed by all the brilliant ideas presented and the quality of the projects; choosing the winners was not easy. All the contestants should feel very proud of themselves for having reached this final stage.

Congratulations to all the international winners!

Winners category 12-14 

1st place – Greece – Team, Psychico College Smart mall 

 2nd place – Croatia – Team, Eco Terra / and Spain – Team, EU-CONEXUS Sustainable Building 

 Winners category 14-16 

1st place – Romania – Team Biomatics 

2nd place – Croatia – Team Smiljevac 2 

3rd place – Cyprus – Green Team 

You can check all national winning projects at https://www.eu-conexus.eu/en/2022/04/13/school-contest-national-phase/

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