2022 Apr/13

School Contest national phase

EU-CONEXUS has launched on 2022 the second edition of the ‘Think Smart, Create Green’ school contest with a lot of school teams participating throughout the consortium countries.

Each university has recently celebrated its national phase, in which schools presented their projects to their national juries. Each national jury has selected one winning team per category to represent their country at the international final. National events have been held on campuses, inviting pupils to get inside the university, an opportunity for them to get inspired to following a scientific path. Besides, they could feel that the EU-CONEXUS university listens to them and helps them to develop their ideas to make our future more sustainable.

The international final will be hold virtually on 5th of May. The teams will present their projects in English to an international jury composed by university lecturers, industry experts and university students. International winners will be awarded with a trip to one of the EU-CONEXUS cities.

At the Catholic University of Valencia, Spain, the event was held at the Education Faculty, for the category 12-14. The Spanish jury was amazed of the high-level projects presented. The winning project was a sustainable building with several characteristic for sustainability such us solar panels and an urban garden.

At La Rochelle Université, France, the winning team at the category 12-14, called The Archie, composed by four girls: Amélie, Emma, Léa & Fantine. They made a project of an Educational and medical institute (Institut Médico-Educatif, IME).

Frederick University, Cyprus, has winners in both categories. Team Achiron, at the category 12-14, and team Green at the category 14-16. They presented their projects and have received certificates as well as university goodies.

At Klaipeda University, Lithuania, celebrated this week, with winners in both categories. Team New Generation, at the category 12-14, with a sustainable and environmental-friendly seaport called ‘Green waves’. Team Universa Via, at the category 14-16, with a project of a 3D model of a smart building by using Minecraft. They were awarded with electric scooters.

At Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest (UTCB), Romania, the event was jointly made into the ContrusctFEST and EU-CONEXUS Festival event at the first week of April. UTCB has the biggest number of participants registered for this contest at the consortium.

University of Zadar has done the preselection of future national winners, and will listen to the participants defend their projects after their Easter holidays, 27 April. Then we will have complete list of finalist.

Meanwhile, all finalists will be preparing their presentations to compete against schools from other countries, the next 5th of May.

Preliminary finalist list:

Spain 12-14

Laude Newton College – Sustainable Buildings

France 12-14

Team Archie – IME, Institut Médico-Educatif (Educational and medical institute)

Cyprus 12-14

Xylofagou Regional High School – Achiron4

Cyprus 14-16

Lykeio Kokkinochorion Foti Pitta – Green team

Lithuania 12 -14

Klaipėda Lyceum – Team New generation – A sustainable and environmental-friendly seaport ‘Green waves’

Lithuania 14-16

Klaipėda Universa Via International school – Team Universa Via – A 3D model of a smart building

Croatia 12-14

Primary school Šime Budinića team Eco Terra

Croatia 14-16

Primary school Smiljevac

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