Fostering sustainable synergies to develop long-term solutions for SmUCS based on the Digital Twin technologies

Coastal connectivity, empowered teams - utilising the Digital Twin concept for SmUCS challenges

Counting on a young generation of researchers, bridging expertise

Participatory science and stakeholder dialogue

Cultivating synergy, fostering talent, building capacity

Reinforcing integrity - promotion of Equality, Diversity, Inclusion

Partner collaboration for quality content in Open Science


The project aims to:


Foster sustainable synergies to develop long-term solutions for SmUCS based on the Digital Twin technologies.


Enhance skills, employability, and career prospects for researchers.


Elevate the quality of scientific endeavours, augmenting capacity within the European Research Area to address societal challenges, and improving interaction between science and society.


Increase engagement and cooperation of researchers with various stakeholders including communicators, journalists, industry, policymakers, and civil society.


The EU-CONEXUS Alliance implements a comprehensive approach to higher education, covering education, research, innovation, and societal service, all under the thematic umbrella of “Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability” (SmUCS). Within this framework, the partner universities and some newly joined embark on a new endeavor: the EU-CONEXUS Enables project. This initiative aims to facilitate solid academic and scientific collaboration among Alliance members while aligning with the European Research Area (ERA) policy agenda Action 13, and other ERA initiatives.

EU-CONEXUS Enables seeks to establish an innovative ecosystem that nurtures sustainable synergies among the Alliance and its partners, including municipalities and stakeholders. Through the Digital Twin approach, we aspire to develop enduring solutions for Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability challenges. Key to our approach is the promotion of effective knowledge sharing, resource pooling, and joint efforts among all stakeholders.

The project offers upskilling opportunities covering various topics including team management, fundraising, mobility, and networking. Sessions focus on leadership, wellbeing, impact, and career prospects beyond academia, aiding researchers in navigating their careers effectively. Stakeholder engagement, facilitated by the EU-CONEXUS Stakeholders Academy, encourages networking, learning, and collaboration. Core activities include joint research tackling SmUCS challenges through initiatives like joint PhD cotutelle grants, post-doc mobilities, and micro-seeding grants, aiming to foster innovative ideas, attract funding, and promote research integrity and gender equality in Europe.


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Start date: 01/02/2024
End date: 31/01/2029
Funding: 4 966 092 Eur
Programme: HORIZON-WIDERA-2023-ACCESS-03
Project number: 101136822

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