La Rochelle University

2021 Nov/18 - 20

Debathon – mastering new skills in public debate


Thursday 18 November

9h00 – Civic Engagement at La Rochelle University

Room 129 – Maison de la Réussite
2 Passage Jacqueline de Romilly

Pascal Génot – Director Studies and Student Life

Presentation of the civic engagement activities at La Rochelle University and discussion on what is already organized in our Universities



L’Océanide – Mercure Hotel La Rochelle Vieux-Port
Quai Louis Prunier

14h00 – CDIJ and AFEV

Room E205 – Site Lettres, Langues, Arts et Sciences Humaines
1 Parvis Fernand Braudel

Clémence Cros – CDIJ
Tiphaine Morvan – AFEV

Presentation of the associations (AFEV and CDIJ) and description of the creation and organization of the Public Debathon

Friday 19 November

9h00 – Inter-associative cooperation on the territory

Auberge de Jeunesse La Rochelle
Avenue des Minimes

Clémence Cros – CDIJ
Claire Balzac and Estelle Leblois – Auberge de Jeunesse
Manuel Pineau – Centre Social Christiane Faure
Eric Thomassin – Centre Social Tadson Bongraine Les Minimes
Tiphaine Morvan and Agathe Mirebeau – AFEV


Auberge de Jeunesse
Avenue des Minimes

14h00 – Discussions on the White Paper

Room B205bis – Site Lettres, Langues, Arts et Sciences Humaines
1 Parvis Fernand Braudel

Saturday 20 November

10h00 – Guided visit of La Rochelle City

Tourist Office
Quai Louis Prunier



Brasserie Là-Haut- La Rochelle Aquarium
Quai Louis Prunier

Carré Amelot
10 rue Amelot

14h00 – Theatre play
Les Diables – written and directed by Claire Baudry

15h00 – Guided visit of the Exposition “Exercice de Style #2”

16h00 – Public debate – Gender and discrimination
Moving debate: to provoke the debate and invite to collective thinking

19h00 – Public debate – Origines and inequalities
“What if you were…?” Put yourself in someone else’s shoes and imagine their daily life through improv