2024 Mar/07

Join the Blue Growth Leaders’ Academy and unlock your potential to lead sustainable change

From April 8th, individuals from HEIs/research centres, businesses, and public sector organisations are invited to embark on a transformative journey.

Blue Growth Leaders’ Academy fosters synergy among academy-associated partners, equipping you with essential skills and knowledge for strategic partnerships.

By completing the course, you’ll:

  • Master principles of sustainable city and port management.
  • Build confidence for collaborative business projects in digital transformation.
  • Analyse coastal recreational zone management strategies for stakeholder engagement.
  • Tackle challenges and opportunities in alternative energy management.
  • Enhance communication and collaboration across diverse stakeholders.
  • Support your organisation’s strategic objectives with newfound confidence.

Don’t miss out on this chance and apply now: https://www.eu-conexus.eu/en/blue-growth-leaders-academy/

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