2023 Nov/16

EU-CONEXUS presents the Pedagogical Framework of its Teaching Academy

The Pedagogical Framework of the EU-CONEXUS Teaching Academy is now complete. It will feed into the main aim of the Teaching Academy, which is to train faculty members and other staff from EU-CONEXUS partner universities.

This framework is rooted in research evidence and contemporary theoretical and practical approaches to Blended Learning in higher education. It leverages the expertise of EU-CONEXUS partners and instructors with the goal of creating learner-centred environments that facilitate guided independent learning through the Blended Learning Pedagogical Framework (BLPF), an approach known for its numerous benefits.

This framework will serve as a foundation for designing, developing, and delivering professional development training programs offered by the EU-CONEXUS Teaching Academy. It features a combination of three main parameters:

  • Learning and Teaching Spaces;
  • Learning and Teaching Components & Activities);
  • Technological Tools.

Working around these elements, the framework provides detailed instructions and guidelines for implementing and delivering the training programs. To assure lasting effectiveness of the Pedagogical Framework, assess the implementation of the training and gather feedback for revision, the next step is to develop consistent quality control and assurance mechanisms.

Teaching Academy Trainings

The EU-CONEXUS Teaching Academy will provide 9 professional development training programs to faculty members and other staff from EU-CONEXUS partner universities. A delegated expert-trainer is responsible for designing, developing, and providing training to representatives from each EU-CONEXUS partner university, in line with the train-the-trainers approach.

Consequently, trainees will use educational materials developed for each training to deliver the same content at their respective universities. Frederick University, the leader of the Teaching Academy Work Package (WP5), will oversee and lead the study guide development process, taking responsibility for setting up a platform that adequately represents the pedagogical framework and covers each of the three elements within the selected topics.

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