2023 Nov/15

55 participants joined us at the 1st Joint Seminar by CEI and Working Group on PhD Joint Actions

The event took place on 24th of October, 3 PM CEST Time, online, and it was organized by EU-CONEXUS Coastal Engineering Institute and the EU-CONEXUS PhD Level Joint Actions Team. The event aimed to present the doctoral research performed in the partner universities to the EU-CONEXUS community. It also allowed our participants to identify common topics and synergies for future collaborations. In total, it gathered 55 attendees within the Alliance.

Coastal Engineering Institute mission

  • to bring together researchers from EU-CONEXUS partner institutions around common engineering fields of interest, thus facilitating the sharing of equipment, research outputs and methodology, as well as joint research and innovation projects proposals for regional, national or international competitive calls

EU-CONEXUS PhD Level Joint Actions mission

  • to contribute to the development of a European higher education inter-university ‘campus‘
  • to Develop a common framework for a EU-CONEXUS Doctoral School
  • to provide PhD students with mobility opportunities
  • to introduce new joint, flexible and innovative curricula for PhD level students
  • to develop challenge-based approaches for teaching and learning at the PhD level

In this 1st Seminar, UTCB presentation was given by Prof. Ilinca Nastase, Director Doctoral School UTCB and Co-chair WP4 and it contained information about:

  • UTCB Doctoral School
  • Research topics, platforms, directions and centers (UTCB has 19 research centers amongst which – CERS – Seismic Risk Assessment Research Center, Reinforced Concrete Structures Research Center, Research Center in Geotechnical Engineering, Research Center of Mineral Waste Valorization into Construction Materials, Groundwater Engineering Research Center, Research Center Roads and Airports)
  • Laboratories
  • UTCB Research Infrastructure
  • UTCB Doctoral School Conference

From our partners at SETU, the presentation was held by Dr Yvonne Kavanagh and Dr Sinéad O’Halloran and it addressed the following topics:

  • SETU Research Centers and Institutes in Engineering and Computing
  • Key Thematic Areas
  • Industry Engagement
  • SETU Impact
  • R&D Equipment
  • Research & Innovation Project Examples
  • Sustainability Projects
  • Offshore renewable energy
  • STREAM project
  • SABRE Research Centre – Sustainable Architecture and Built Environment Research, Innovation and Impact

From Frederick University, the presentation was given by Savvas Evripides, Project Development Support Office Research & Interconnection Office and it contained information about:

  • Research and Innovation Office
  • Research Units
  • Urban Planning and Development Unit
  • Maritime, Transport and Commerce
  • Nature Conservation Unit
  • Sustainable Energy Research Group – SERG
  • Advanced Infrastructure and Materials Group – AIM
  • Research Unit for Historical Constructional Systems
  • Structural and Earthquake Engineering
  • Architectural Technology Research Unit
  • Intelligent Networks and Transportation Systems

We would like to thank all attendees and we hope that in the future the series of seminars organized will gather many more EU-CONEXUS representatives and serve as a platform for sharing good practices and fruitful collaborations.

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