2023 Nov/06

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EU-CONEXUS showcases its research potential and launches its Research & Innovation Information System

EU-CONEXUS has taken a step towards fostering research and innovation collaboration with the launch of its Research & Innovation Information System. This platform aims to facilitate strategic research information exchange.

The Research & Innovation Information System (hereinafter: RIIS) is purpose-built to cater to the needs of the EU-CONEXUS Research for Society project under the Horizon 2020 program. Its goals cover the development of a portal that not only showcases the research potential within EU-CONEXUS but also offers a directory of the alliance’s research staff, units, infrastructures, equipment, and services.


  • Collaboration opportunities: RIIS provides a platform for researchers to explore collaboration opportunities and connect with peers within the EU-CONEXUS Alliance.
  • Resource location made easy: researchers can easily identify research facilities, equipment, and services offered by partner institutions across EU-CONEXUS.


  • Access to expertise: society gains access to a large network of expertise encompassing over 7,000 researchers from nine European universities, collectively focusing on Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability themes.
  • Initiating collaborations: RIIS facilitates the identification of synergies and collaboration opportunities for projects centered around the sustainable development of urban coastal areas.
  • Contracting services: society benefits from the ease of locating and engaging external services provided by EU-CONEXUS partner institutions through the RIIS platform.


  • Guiding academic paths: RIIS exposes students to a diverse array of research topics within EU-CONEXUS.
  • Engage with experts: students have the unique opportunity to interact with a community of scientific experts specializing in Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability from nine partner universities.
  • Effective information search: The platform's keyword-based search functionality makes it easy for students to find information related to EU-CONEXUS research staff or infrastructures.

The RIIS also provides access to other EU-CONEXUS Research and Innovation platforms, including EU-CONEXUS OpenAire Gateway, a directory of EU-CONEXUS open access research publications, and to the Innovation Hub, showcasing the innovative solutions developed within EU-CONEXUS partners research units in collaboration with external stakeholders.

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