2023 Oct/02

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“Shrimp Tower” – patent-pending innovation from Klaipeda University

Developed at Klaipeda University, the “Shrimp Tower” is a patent-pending, multi-layer shrimp tank designed in the shape of a cylinder, featuring a unique closed-top design in contrast to standard open-top shrimp tanks. The Shrimp Tower incorporates its distinctive feeding system and proprietary software, capable of blending shrimp feed with water and injecting it directly into the tank’s layers. This multi-layer shrimp tank seamlessly integrates with clear water recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), allowing it to be easily connected to advanced filtration systems and function flawlessly.

The primary value proposition of this shrimp tank is cost-effectiveness, as it conserves land space while yielding the same shrimp production in a smaller footprint. Additionally, it can be insulated and placed outdoors without requiring a dedicated building, reducing the capital investment necessary for a shrimp RAS farm. As the tank is fully enclosed, it also minimizes water evaporation, leading to further savings in operational costs throughout the shrimp cultivation process. The innovative tank is currently at the 4th technology readiness level (TRL), with a successfully tested smaller-scale prototype in laboratory conditions. Given the growing demand for sustainably produced shrimp and emerging business models, the shrimp tower technology represents an ideal solution for the shrimp RAS industry.

Furthermore, the team behind this innovation is actively seeking interested parties for potential commercial partnerships to license this technology and drive innovation in shrimp farming.

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