2023 May/15

EU-CONEXUS Pollution/Depollution Minor Course students in physical mobility at UTCB in Bucharest

                      Between 8th-12th of May, our partners from Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest organized a physicial mobility in Bucharest for the EU-CONEXUS Minor students registered to the Course entitled Pollution/Depollution.

                      Within the EU-CONEXUS Minor Programmes, students have the opportunity to be selected to some blended Minor courses including one short physical mobility to the university offering the course.  For the Spring semester 2023, there were three Minor courses including a short physical mobility as follows:

  • Entrepreneruship and Innovation around Sustainable Tourism – offered by La Rochelle Université
  • Pollution/ Depollution (air, soil, water) –  offered by Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest
  • Biotechnology And Nanobiotechnology of Marine Bioactive Molecules offered by Agricultural University of Athens

                      11 Minor students from La Rochelle Université, University of Rostock, Agricultural University of Athens and Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest participated in one week of Minor physical courses and seminaries in the UTCB Labs. The Minor students had the chance to interact with the UTCB teachers in different campuses and to work together during the courses’ applications based on Air and Water Pollution.

                      Besides the courses and laboratories, the Minor students were also welcomed at UTCB with some social activities organized by UTCB Students Association – ASCB and by volunteers from ESN ASE-CMP Bucharest, such as:

  • Bucharest City Center Tour
  • UTCB Refugees Center Tour
  • Sports activities
  • Karaoke evening

These types of mobilities also help our students to better understand our European University Alliance and the multiple opportunities we offer through our partners. We will soon launch the Minor Call Applications for courses planned for the Autumn Semester 2023, so the students who are interested can follow our EU-CONEXUS Social Media channels in order to stay updated.

Local contacts of the Home Minor Officers can be found here:

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