2020 Apr/06

Blood Donation & volunteer AUA’s team

The National Blood Donation Center invites us to stay home … unless we donate blood!

Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, the attendance of voluntary blood donors in blood donation centers has recently decreased and the shortages in blood units are noticeable.

People who donate blood are equivalent to those people who are working in a critical infrastructure industry. In volunteering to do so, they are contributing immeasurably to the public health of Greece. Because we want to ensure that blood is available to those who need it most, it is important for healthy individuals & students who are able to donate to find time to so. Donating blood is safe and takes only a little of your time.

That is why in the last few days there has been a coordinated effort to organize blood donations in municipalities and agencies across the Greece. AUA is a part of this effort.

Finally, based on the recent decision of the Board of Directors of the Student Association of Agricultural University of Athens, students are invited to contribute to the blood donation.

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