Participation in international conferences on Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability (SmUCS), First call 2023


  1. Network extension
  2. Presentation of outcomes and technological developments to the SmUCS community
  3. Increase visibility of the EU-CONEXUS alliance
Participation in international conferences on Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability (SmUCS), First call 2023


EU‐CONEXUS is a transnational European higher education and research institution for Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability. It creates a unique way of studying and carrying out research through institutional alignment and seamless mobility. The partners of the alliance are La Rochelle Université, Agricultural University of Athens, Catholic University of Valencia, Klaipeda University, University of Zadar, Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest, South East Technological University, University of Rostock and Frederick University.

The project EU-CONEXUS Plus supports attendance at relevant international conferences on SmUCS topics worldwide. This call is a competitive call.


Researchers/professors, PhD students/doctoral candidates and post-doc researchers from EU-CONEXUS Plus partner universities. About 15 conference attendances per year can be supported.

Participation at conferences on SmUCS topics with an own contribution (e.g. presentation, lecture, poster, chairperson, committee member).

Financial support for travel, individual support, conference fees. Financial support may not be used to cover similar expenses financed by other funds.

about 4 days (except transfer days).

Attendances at conferences can be realised until 31 March 2024.


Reimbursement of travel costs will be done according the internal policy of purchases of EU-CONEXA. EU-CONEXA is a Belgian non-profit association managing common funds for the Alliance members.

Researchers with disabilities/special needs can request additional support. A person with special needs is a potential participant whose individual physical, mental or health-related situation is such that his/her participation in the mobility would not be possible without extra financial support. In preparation of the activity needs and foreseen extra costs linked to physical, mental or health-related conditions should be indicated. Areas that could be eligible for support, according to individual needs, include but are not limited to: adapted accommodation, travel assistance, medical attendance, supportive equipment, an accompanying person, etc.


This Call is a competitive call to support attendance at relevant conferences on SmUCS topics

The applicant shall submit

  • Application form, including the scope of the conference, the personal contribution, description of the possible benefits for the EU-CONEXUS alliance, cost description;
  • Acceptance of conference paper (if applicable);
  • CV.

The applications can be submitted to any time until 15 September 2023.

Selection process

A Review Panel consisting of representatives from partner universities jointly evaluate the applications on two dates (June and September). The list of selected applications will be presented to the Research Council.

The selection is based on criteria guaranteeing a fair evaluation of the applications and does not give priority to any applicant depending on his/her nationality, race, religion or gender.

The following criteria will be considered for the selection of the mobility activities

  1. Overall objectives, expected impacts of the participation (max. 5 points)
  2. Benefits for the researcher’s career (max. 3 points)
  3. Partnerships, collaborative efforts, benefits for the whole consortium (max. 5 points)

The application documents should be prepared in such a way that an evaluation can be made with regard to the above-mentioned criteria.

In case of equal points, the priority will be given to young researchers and/or to less represented research area or gender.

The decision will be made no later than 15 days after the application deadline and will send to all applicants by their emails. The selected candidates will be informed about further procedures

In case of any objection in any stage of the application and selection process, the applicant may file his/her appeal to the Coordination Committee (

After selection/during mobility:

It is compulsory to include the EU-CONEXUS logos in all presentations, documents and materials prepared. Posts in social media shall include #EUCONEXUS.

After mobility:

Candidates must submit a final report in English on their conference attendance. Conference papers can be published at the project´s website or social media channels.

Privacy statement:

Each applicant consents that his/her personal data may be used by the EU-CONEXUS alliance in order to manage the application for mobility and all the corresponding administrative steps. The personal data will be used solely for statistical and reporting reasons within the EU-CONEXUS alliance or for reporting to the European Commission purposes.

Contact for more information: