Joint Degree programmes

During the 3-years project European University EU-CONEXUS will focus on the development of the joint study programmes and other academic offers for university and high school students, the professionals and vocational education centres:

  • Minor´s courses in ‘Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability’ (on Bachelor´s level) available for all students to specialise on several inter- and cross disciplinary topics (available from autumn 2020)
  • Joint Master’s programme in ‘Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability’ (2021)
  • Joint PhD programme in ‘Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability’ (2021)
  • Life-long learning specialisation courses for those who have already graduated from university and are seeking for additional competences and knowledge (2021)
  • Summer and winter schools, international PhD school (2021)
  • Language courses for university students to learn national languages of EU-CONEXUS partners (2020-2021)
  • Vocational education and training courses to integrate in local labour market (2021)
  • Professional Minor´s courses taught by the experts from regional industry companies (2021)
  • ‘University to School’ programme for high school students combining open classes, workshops and lab visits (available from spring 2021)