Programme Management

The joint Master programme in Marine Biotechnology is delivered by six partner universities

in association with two Associated Partners (Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) and Universität Rostock)) in collaboration with a large number of stakeholders from companies and research centres.

The JMPMB is created and being implemented in the framework of EU-CONEXUS Consortium. The strategic decision making belongs to the EU-CONEXUS Governing Board and Academic Council. To facilitate the academic and operational management the Programme Board has been created.

The implementation is supported by the EU-CONEXUS joint governing structures such as Mobility, Communication, Public Relations, European Education Area, etc. offices.

Quality assurance guidelines

The commitment to quality by all Partners of EU‐CONEXUS is reflected in the EU-CONEXUS Mission Statement. Consequently, Partners agree to apply joint EU-CONEXUS quality assurance guidelines in the JMPMB.

Strategic objectives in the joint quality assurance include:

  1. Collaboration in creating cross-disciplinary, multidisciplinary and cross-sectorial study programmes and academic offers based on complementarity of existing excellence in teaching and research and on close cooperation with their socio-economic partners in order to proactively respond to actual and future needs of related industries, support the regional innovation and development and foster an entrepreneurial mindset of their students.
  2. Development of strong quality support, monitoring and control mechanisms of EU-CONEXUS educational offers in all its phases: design, validation and implementation.
  3. Development of a common evaluation mechanism for EU-CONEXUS educational offers.
  4. Implementation of rigorous mechanisms to address and correct failures or improving EU-CONEXUS educational offers.

The EU-CONEXUS quality assurance guidelines describe the procedures and methodologies for quality enhancement. Students and the stakeholders of the JMPMB will be involved in the quality assurance procedures.

Quality assurance guidelines for the joint Master programme in Marine Biotechnology

Progress timeline

February – April 2021Currently the JMPMB is going through the accreditation using European Approach
May 2021The call for applications is expected to be announced