Title of the programme:Joint Master programme in Marine Biotechnology (JMPMB)
Official length of the programme:120 ECTS, 2-year studies
Mode of study:Full-time studies
Qualification degree:  Master of Science in Marine Biotechnology (or equivalent according to the national qualification of participating universities/countries)
Type of diploma:Joint diploma
Field of study (ISCED):05 Natural sciences, mathematics and statistics
Tracks:– Innovative Bioproducts for Future  – Blue Biomass  – Marine Biorefinery – Aquaculture Biotechnology 
Language of studies: English
Partner universities (Consortium):– Universidad Católica de Valencia, Spain (UCV) (Programme Coordinator University) – La Rochelle Université, France (LRUniv) – Agricultural University of Athens, Greece (AUA) – Universitatea Tehnica de Constructii Bucuresti, Romania (UTCB) – Klaipėdos Universitetas, Lithuania (KU) – Sveuciliste U Zadru, Croatia (UNIZD)
Associated partner universities:– Universität Rostock, Germany (Uni Rostock) – Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland (WIT)
Access to:third cycle (doctoral) studies and/or labour market

Year 1 (60 ECTS)

Core courses

Semester 1 Mobility 1
Genomics, Proteomics and Metabolomics for Marine Biodiversity Prospecting6 ECTS
Marine Microbiome and Metagenomics 6 ECTS
Culture Collections and Biobanks8 ECTS
Marine Biodiversity for Marine Natural Products4 ECTS
Blue Biotechnology Business and R&D Management I6 ECTS
Semester 2 Mobility 2
Blue Biotechnology Business and R&D Management II6 ECTS
Marine Natural Products: Classes, Biological Activity and Biosynthesis6 ECTS
Chemical Libraries6 ECTS
Screening of Bioactivity6 ECTS


Mobility 3
Internship6 ECTS
France or any other country

Year 2 (60 ECTS)

Track 1 Innovative Bioproducts for Future

Semester 3
Mobility 4
Academic Research Integration14 ECTS
Biological Profiling of Marine Natural Products4 ECTS
Optimisation of Marine Natural Products4 ECTS
Marine Natural Products for Health and Wellness and Food4 ECTS
Advanced Characterisation Methods for Marine Natural Products Identification4 ECTS

Track 2 Blue Biomass

Semester 3
Mobility 4
Academic Research Integration14 ECTS
Bioreactor Design and Management4 ECTS
Microorganism Biomass and Metabolite Production4 ECTS
Microalgal Biotechnology4 ECTS
Seaweed Production4 ECTS

Track 3 Marine Biorefinery

Semester 3
Mobility 4
Academic Research Integration14 ECTS
Design of Biorefinery Processes4 ECTS
Marine Biomass Functional Ingredients Extraction4 ECTS
Functionalisation of Marine-derived Biomaterials4 ECTS
Marine Whole-cell Factories4 ECTS

Track 4 Aquaculture Biotechnology

Semester 3
Mobility 4
Academic Research Integration14 ECTS
Aquaculture Systems and Seafood Processing4 ECTS
Fish Nutrigenomics4 ECTS
Health and Welfare in Aquaculture4 ECTS
Advanced Breeding Programmes4 ECTS

Master Thesis

Semester 4
Mobility 5
Master thesis30 ECTS

Mandatory mobility

The student enrolled in the programme has a mandatory mobility among the universities of the Consortium with a full academic acknowledgement of the credits acquired. During the two years of the programme, the student must study in at least two universities of the Consortium.

 Host university
1st semesterUCV, Spain
2nd semesterLRUniv, France. Internship (8 weeks) at the end of the 2nd semester may be carried at any company in any country.
3rd semesterAll partner universities according to the chosen track by the student in order to carry out his/her ARI; the elective courses will be taught online.
4th semesterAll partner universities, associated partners and other higher education and/or research institutions according to the chosen Master thesis topic.