Vocational training

EU‐CONEXUS will create vocational training programmes that reflect the needs of the regional economic environment. Special degree study programmes will include traineeships and on‐the‐job training in relevant industries (e.g. port industry, fisheries and aquaculture industry, construction industry, digital industry).

It will also contribute to connect regional industries from the different partner regions and provide replicable solutions. For example, in the Port Industry, some universities have already developed specific projects (e.g. Port Economy Minor, thesis on the quality of water in the Port, etc.). By creating interactions among ports in relation with each university, EU‐CONEXUS will help disseminate knowledge and train workers.

Development of courses for vocational training and educational dissemination activities for the society

Based on the questionnaire for identification of skills gaps and the recommendations by the External Advisory Council, the Programme Committees for vocational and non formal education will develop the following content:

  1. Lectures, workshops and seminars for vocational training centres to promote work‐based learning, to improve or upgrade knowledge and/or abilities, acquire new skills and to continue personal and professional development.
  2. Participative workshops for secondary school students to introduce future careers in related industries and to encourage secondary school students to study STEM curriculum and to promote gender equality, social inclusion and marine environmental awareness.