Online event

2020-Jun 18 - 2020-Jun 19

Virtual Mobility Webinar for Universities and European University Alliances

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DAY 1 Thursday 18 June 10:15 -12:30 Meetingroom

DAY 2 Friday 19 June 10:15 – 12:30 Meetingroom

EADTU in cooperation with the OpenVM partnership is organising a 2 days online event on virtual mobility. The core goal of any mobility is providing an international academic experience for students. Various mobility schemes can be distinguished like physical mobility, online/virtual mobility and blended mobility. A rather new approach in addition to these is Open Virtual Mobility. In the new Erasmus+ programme, the European Commission is promoting all kinds of virtual mobility formats, e.g. by the creation of a portal for online curriculum collaboration and virtual mobility and by “European universities” (European Summit 14/12/2017; first call in autumn). In this vision, mobility should be embedded at all levels as a standard feature, including the bachelor, master and doctoral levels. At least 50% of the students should benefit from such a mobility, be it physical, virtual or blended. New flexible and joint curricula should be delivered for which, expertise of various running initiatives needs to be shared. In dedicated 2 morning sessions EADTU and the OpenVM partnership will demonstrate opportunities and formats of virtual mobility.

The first day seminar, 18th of June (10.15 – 12.30), will focus on the educational framework of organising virtual mobility and demonstrate examples from all 4 identified categories of virtual mobility

• Embedded mobility within a course

• Exchange curricula and exchange mobility

• Networked curricula and mobility windows

• Joint curricula and integrated mobility

This categorisation is the result of EADTU’s Task Force on Virtual Mobility that has now captured all results in a dedicated reference website on VM models and practices by mapping related initiatives European wide (EADTU virtual mobility website)

The second day seminar will be a dedicated multiplier event on OpenVM, 19th of June 2020 (10.15 – 12.30), addressing the OpenVM format, OpenVM competencies and OpenVM MOOCs including e-assessments and micro-credentials provided as open and free resources on the Open Virtual Mobility Learning Hub

The OpenVM Learning Hub promotes and boosts (Open) VM across HE in Europe incl. a set of eight mini-MOOCs dedicated to OpenVM competencies including Media & Digital Literacy, Collaborative & Networked Learning, Open Mindedness and Intercultural Skills for virtual mobility.

The 2-day programme will be of interest of all universities looking for innovative models for organising mobility. Please join us for both complementary events and learn all you need to know about virtual mobility, it’s opportunities and approaches.

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