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2021-Jan 15 - 2021-Apr 20

International EU-CONEXUS School Contest

The project will boost the cooperation among local EU-CONEXUS universities and partner schools. Besides, opportunities to work with schools from other partner locations will be explored and developed.

By involving local schools in workshops, research, training and innovation activities, pupils may discover a university education which will help them overcome potential social or cultural barriers, and economic obstacles.

1st International EU-CONEXUS School Contest ‘THINK SMART, CREATE GREEN’ 2020/2021
Participating students mentioned that having the chance to take part in a university-led activity was very stimulating. In this international contest, teenage students have collaboratively worked on their ideas, learned about smart urban sustainability and, above all, they brilliantly defended their proposals on how to contribute to a real change in the development of their region.

‘Our project as about the quality of life on the coast. We presented events and symbols of the Zadar waterfront. In our project we suggested ways to improve the waterfront in a more ecological way. We tried to educate people on how to care for the environment in a proper way’

Croatia – Osnovna škola Šime Budinića

‘Before participating in this project, we had a rough idea about what environmental problems a coastal area could face, but during the implementation we learned in detail about the already-known ones and discovered new ones …’

Romania, Colegiul National ‘Gregore Mousil’

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