2024-Apr 15

Meet International Companies at ConstructFEST

Our EU-CONEXUS Student Community is welcome to participate at the event taking place next week: ‘Meet International companies at ConstructFest’! It is part of the @UTCB biggest event, #ConstructFEST.

This is an online event organized by the EU-CONEXUS Career Center. It will take place on the 15th of April, between 3 PM – 4 PM CET.

For this event, we’ll be joined by representatives from Douglas OHI LLC and CoolPlanet.

The keynote speakers will address a broad range of commonly asked questions, including:

  • What opportunities does your company offer for students to work internationally?
  • Can you describe any specific international projects or initiatives that students may get involved in?
  • How does your company support students in adapting to a new culture or working environment abroad?
  • Are there language requirements for students interested in international roles, and if so, how are these supported or developed?
  • What kind of skills or qualities do you look for in students who are interested in working internationally?
  • Can you provide examples of how previous student hires have contributed to your international operations?
  • How does your company ensure the safety and well-being of students working abroad?
  • Are there opportunities for students to receive mentorship or guidance from experienced professionals while working internationally?
  • How do international experiences with your company contribute to a student’s overall career development?
  • What advice would you give to students who are interested in pursuing international opportunities within your organization?

Interested students can register here:

Microsoft Teams link to connect.

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