2024 Feb/01

EU-CONEXUS launches 2024 Call for Research Mobilities

Following a successful first year of research mobilities in 2023, EU-CONEXUS is now launching its 2024 Call for Research Mobilities. It opens mobility opportunities for the research staff of all nine EU-CONEXUS partner universities, encouraging international exchanges within the Alliance. Furthermore, funds are available for inviting external experts to share their expertise at EU-CONEXUS conferences.

Researchers, PhD students, doctoral candidates, post-doc researchers, research administrators from the EU-CONEXUS Alliance and experts from institutions outside the EU-CONEXUS Alliance may apply to THREE OPEN CALLS throughout 2024. Each call can provide valuable opportunities for research, training, giving keynote lectures and participating in conferences and summer schools at EU-CONEXUS universities, as well as support participation in international conferences focused on Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability (SmUCS) topics.

Research mobilities create a unique way of studying and carrying out research through institutional alignment and seamless mobility for all. This second call will further strengthen cooperation between the partners and foster joint research activities on research topics related to SmUCS. The first call launched in 2023, for instance, supported six research visits between the EU-CONEXUS partner universities.

In addition, EU-CONEXUS supports mobilities for PhD Summer Schools. One of the highlights of 2023 was the 3rd PhD Summer School, which took place in Waterford, Ireland, in July. The 4th PhD Summer School, eligible for research mobility funding, will take place in Rostock, Germany, 21-25 July 2024. Research mobility funds help to cover the costs of travel, boarding and/or lodging at the host university city.

Another important task of EU-CONEXUS is to present the outcomes and technological developments to the SmUCS community: in 2023, research mobility funds enabled experts of the Alliance to present at international conferences. Additionally, the EU-CONEXUS Alliance welcomed valuable input from six external SmUCS experts, who joined the events of the Alliance, including the research conference “Aquatic and Coastal Ecosystems: Challenges and Opportunities towards Sustainable Development”, which took place in Rostock, Germany, in November 2023.

More information about each mobility, including details on eligibility, application and the selection process, are available on the EU-CONEXUS website:

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