2023 Dec/20

Highlights from the 1st edition of PDSO Seed Funding

During the 1st edition of Seed Funding, the Project Development Support Office (PDSO) received a total of 10 collaborative education, research and innovation proposals addressing Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability (SmUCS) challenges.

All received applications were evaluated by a committee of three representatives from EU-CONEXUS institutions (AUA, FREDU, UROS). The final ranking is based on three equally weighted criteria: excellence, impact, and implementation.

Here is the final list of 5 proposals that were selected for funding (full title, acronym, institutions involved):

  • Coffee Grounds used for Land Treatment, Insulation, and Versatile Agricultural Enhancement (CULTIV8): UTCB, AUA, UROS
  • Developing a Liquids Analysis Technique by Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) for Applications of Environmental Monitoring & Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability: SETU, AUA, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM)
  • Implementation of Cold Ironing in a Competitive Electricity Market (EMiRON): FREDU, UTCB
  • Ecological Echoes of Biokovo’s Prehistory (EcoEcho): UNIZD, UTCB, SETU
  • Active Travel Collaboration for Sustainable Campuses (ACT4SusCamp): SETU, UTCB

All applicants whose proposals were not selected for funding will receive transparent feedback from evaluators and are encouraged to submit their proposal during the next edition of Seed Funding. This next edition is scheduled to launch at the end of January, 2024, with a deadline in April, 2024.

Further details about the 2nd call will be published next month.

The Project Development Support Office is open to provide assistance regarding the preparation of proposals (projects@eu-conexus.eu).

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