2023 Nov/29

‘Eugen Ionescu’ Scholarships for Francophone researchers from doctoral studies and post-doctoral research are now open

EU-CONEXUS partners AUF (Agence universitaire de la Francophonie) launched the call for applications to doctoral studies and post-doctoral research. This opportunity is open to francophone researchers enrolled in member universities of AUF. The scholarship is proposed and financed by the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and coordinated by AUF.

3-month research mobility will take place in one of the partnering higher education institutions, such as Technical University of Civil Engineering (UTCB). We therefore encourage EU-CONEXUS students consider applying for this scholarship and pursuing their research goals at UTCB in Bucharest, Romania.

These scholarships are strategically registered in disciplinary areas that are of interest to Romanian universities and that are also considered a priority for the development of candidates’ origin countries. To optimize the outcome, scholarships are granted based on two criteria:

  • Scientific quality;
  • The potential of the candidacy to encourage development within the region of origin and elevate research progress in Romanian universities.

The actual management of the scholarships is coordinated by AUF, whose experience in this type of programs is internationally recognized. Romania thus supports centralized and pragmatic use of university resources in Central and Eastern Europe based on AUF expertise.

The mobility period is from 1 May until 31 July 2024 and the deadline for applications is 23 December, 23:59 Bucharest Time.

For more information, visit the AUF website: here.

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