2023 Nov/28

CNN Call for Earth Day: EU-CONEXUS joins for the third time

Following two successive participations in the annual CNN Call to Earth Day, this year EU-CONEXUS partner universities marked this occasion once again. They supported the main goal of clearing the coastlines through a wide array of events and other initiatives, bringing together the community of students, staff, researchers, and partners.

On 25 October, Klaipeda University kicked off the series of events by initiating a clean-up in the First Melnrage, which is the most favoured local beach. KU partners “Dancer Bus” supported this event by providing a zero-emission trip from the University campus to the seaside on an electric bus, and the local seaside café “Ateik Ateik” warmed the participants up by filling their favourite reusable cups with some coffee and tea.

Frederick University also took part in the initiative, organizing a clean-up in an adjacent neighbourhood of Nicosia on 3 November. Over 20 dedicated students and staff members volunteered and showed up to restore the cleanliness of the nearby public park, which serves as a recreational space for families and young people in the community. Continuing their efforts, afterwards the enthusiastic team of volunteers ventured into the streets surrounding the campus to remove debris from the area, demonstrating how individual actions contribute to cleaner and more sustainable neighbourhoods.

A waste collection event was also organized by the UCV Marine Research Institute (IMEDMAR-UCV) on 25 November. This day marked an impressive 7th anniversary of waste collection at the bottom of the port of Calpe and in the area of the Salinas shore. The event brought together divers, students from the UCV’s degree in Marine Sciences and EU-CONEXUS students from the joint master in Marine Biotechnology. In addition, a large number of fishermen and volunteers were put in charge of the classification of waste on land.

To finish up the day, the UCV Marine Research Institute held talks and workshops, displayed informative videos at the IMEDMAR-UCV facilities, and hosted a presentation of the Life Pinnarca project (LIFE20-NAT/ES/001265). Visitors could also explore the EU-CONEXUS booth and American Space Valencia – a project brought to life in collaboration with the United State embassy.

La Rochelle University also joined the CNN Call to Earth Day by inviting students to collect as much garbage as possible on the Vieux-Port site in La Rochelle’s city center. The Echo-Mer association, which works to limit the impact of pollution caused by human activity on nature, boosted the impact of the event by raising participants’ awareness of their environmental actions.

Moving on to SETU, all the students were encouraged to join the CNN Call to Earth Day by supporting ongoing activities in their own communities. Many community groups, such as environmental groups and “Tidy Towns” are always ready to welcome volunteers. Another way to support the cause is through “Clean Coasts” – a programme that works with communities to help protect and care for Ireland’s waterways, coastline, seas, ocean and marine life.

On 20 November, the Department of Ecology, Agronomy, and Aquaculture at the University of Zadar held a waste clean-up event on Puntamika beach, a popular destination that offers a range of activities and amenities for visitors of all ages. The event also highlighted the function of beaches not only as recreational areas but also as vital ecosystems that support diverse marine life.

On 23 and 24 November, Technical University of Civil Engineering (UTCB) supported the CNN call to Earth Day with two events. The first one was a cleaning action at one of UTCB’s Dorms, co-organized by UTCB’s Open Garden and NGO “ClimatoSfera”. This activity also laid a foundation for the second one – a small tree planting event. This event involved students from UTCB’s Students Association (ASCB) It also reflected Open Garden’s long-term plan of familiarizing students with compost making, medicinal plants, urban farming gardening, biodiversity, and other related topics/activities.

Responding to the CNN-Call the Earth initiative, the Agricultural University of Athens joined forces with the AUA’s Volunteering Team, the AUA Clicks! Photography Team, and the Erasmus Student Network of the Agricultural University of Athens (ESN AUA Athens). Together, they coordinated an impactful cleaning action at the “Antonis Tritsis” Metropolitan Park of Environmental and Educational Activities and Social Economy Development on 5 November.

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