2023 Jul/26

Partners from the Alliance win EU-CONEXUS ENABLES Project, under UTCB lead

Delighted to announce that our partners from the Alliance under the lead of Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest have won the EU-CONEXUS ENABLES Project – Promoting excellence through innovative eco-systems!

This project is part of HORIZON Europe Programme & its scope is to create the framework of an innovative ecosystem promoting sustainable synergies between the alliance and its partners, such as:

  •  the fellow municipalities
  • stakeholders, in order to develop long term solutions for Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability challenges, based on the Digital Twin approach

On one hand, the project aims to raise excellence in value creation through deeper and geographically inclusive cooperation, and on the other hand to the societal based topics and needs coming from our supporting ecosystems of stakeholders.

The project will also offer training and capacity-building programs for researchers, promoting a culture of collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement, through:

  • hackathons
  • capacity building
  • knowledge exchange activities
  • engaging experts, researchers, and stakeholders in the development and implementation of innovative Digital Twin solutions

Also, citizen engagement in participatory science activities will be facilitated, encouraging evidence-based policies and interventions. The duration of this project is 60 months.

We are looking forward to more exciting news from his EU-CONEXUS ENABLES Project!

Congratulations to everyone involved for the hard work!

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