2023 Jun/09

EU-CONEXUS launches the 4th edition of the International School Contest ‘Think Smart, Create Green’

We are very excited to officially launch the 4th edition of our EU-CONEXUS International School Contest ‘Think Smart, Create Green’!

This contest is organized by the EU-CONEXUS School Committee which leads the University to School Programme of our Alliance. This Programme aims to bring EU-CONEXUS closer to secondary education pupils, in order to raise awareness about the sustainability of coastal areas, to promote marine environmental consciousness through a pan European approach, and to encourage pupils to study STEM-related degrees.

This new edition brings three significant changes:

  • The extension of the two age categories to 12-15 and 15-18
  • The concept of gamification and the 9R Framework
  • Significant money awards for both the national and international winners

The 4th edition of our contest continues to shed a light on the crucial importance our coastal areas play for the balance of the coastal ecosystem. As they have long been considered ideal locations for human settlements, the increasing demand for natural resources and services has led to significant environmental challenges. This is why it is crucial that we take the necessary steps to protect these fragile ecosystems and mitigate the impacts of climate change to ensure the long-term sustainability of our coastal communities.

By challenging pupils to implement the 9R Framework, we aim to bring our contribution to reducing the amount of plastic waste and other pollutants that end up in the ocean, and to thereby protect marine life and maintain the much needed balance of the coastal ecosystem.

The 9R Framework emphasizes reducing waste and adopting a circular economy, which is crucial for coastal ecosystems’ health and longevity. We strongly believe that by applying it, we can create a more sustainable and circular economy that benefits both people and the planet. We can reduce waste, save resources, and create new jobs and businesses that contribute to a healthier and more equitable world.

Therefore, we challenge pupils aged 12-15 to raise awareness about sustainability, circular economy, green and technologically intelligent environments, and smart cities and pupils aged 15-18 to think critically and creatively about sustainable development, circular economy, and smart city technologies.

Depending on the age category, the stages they will go through include: Registration, Sustainability Quiz, Manufacturing Challenge, Video Challenge, Presentation design, Research, Business Model Canva, Recycling Challenge and the National and (if qualified) International stage.

We invite you to be a part of this adventure and to take a look at the previous editions of the School Contest!

Make sure you check the Brochure and Rules and Regulations for all the information you need.

Timeline of the contest

  • 27th of October – Registration Deadline
  • 26th of January 2024 – Applications/Projects submission Deadline
  • 29th of February 2024 – Announcement of 5 best works per age category for each country
  • Between 1st of March and 11th of April 2024 – Announcement of Physical National Phases in each country; each member university of our Alliance will announce its own established date
  • 25th of April 2024 – Online International Final

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