2023 May/04

Open Call for Academic Staff

Creating content and teaching in the new pilot initiative
Micro-credentials in Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability

Responding to the European Union´s actions towards micro-credentials, EU-CONEXUS will pilot a new academic offer which consists of small learning units and will form the core of our new initiative for Bachelor students: Micro-credentials in Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability (hereinafter SmUCS).

This initiative aims at guiding students to achieve specific abilities/ skills required in the labour market and focuses on six sectors: European, University, Smart, Urban, Coastal and Sustainability. We are looking for enthusiastic professors/lecturers who want to create and teach content in one of the proposed thematic areas and to participate in the first pilot which will run 2024-2026.

More information here.


  • Unique opportunity to collaborate in the creation of a new leading European educational concept.
  • Innovative training by the EU-CONEXUS Teaching Academy team of experts to design small learning units and apply innovative pedagogical methodologies (compulsory attendance, 30 hours in total).
  • Enriching teaching portfolio and expanding the audience.
  • Teaching mobilities in European universities.
  • International networking.

Who can apply?

Professors/lecturers in one of the universities of EU-CONEXUS Alliance, with previous experience in the chosen thematic area(s) and C1 level of English.

How to apply:

Application form to the representative at their home universities.

Download the application here.

Applications welcome until 31st of May 2023 !

La Rochelle UniversitéNolween Quéré
Agricultural University of AthensStefanos Kalogirou
Catholic University of ValenciaRaquel Blave
Klaipeda UniversityRasa Grigoliene
Universty of ZadarNedjelka Balic
Technical University of Civil Engineering BucharestAlexandru Aldea
South East Technical UniversityOrla O’Donova
University of RostockSuntje Ehmann
Frederick UniversityByron Ioannou

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