2023 Apr/03

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Klaipeda University researchers were invited to be a guest editors for JMSE Special Issue (Invitation for manuscript submissions)

Klaipeda University researchers dr. Tatjana Paulauskiene and dr. Jochen Uebe, from Department of Engineering, Faculty of Marine Technology and Natural Sciences, were invited to be a guest editors for JMSE | Special Issue: Sustainable Shipping: Alternative Fuels and Technologies for Marine Applications.

Maritime transport is extremely important for world trade, as more than 90% of world trade is carried out by sea. Consequently, fuel consumption and emissions from maritime transport continue to increase, which undoubtedly also contributes to climate change. Therefore, the shipping industry is under increasing pressure to act upon the Paris Agreement and reduce green-house gas (GHG) emissions. The ambitious new IMO strategy to reduce GHGs from ships will shape the future path towards decarbonization of the fleet and will bring further ecological challenges. The substantial emission reductions which must be achieved over the next decades are expected to drive technology development and, in particular, the introduction of alternative fuels.

There are many options for alternative fuels such as biodiesel, hydrogen, ammonia, methane and methanol. Challenges include the transition to new and alternative fuels and non-conventional technologies, as not all ships are likely to switch to the same fuel. In addition, increasing attention must be paid to the consequences of dangerous NOx, SOx and particulate emissions.

Substantial investment is being put into researching safe and economically feasible alternative carbon-neutral fuels and into developing fuel technologies. This can highly contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and it is important to continue research in this area. We therefore invite you to submit articles based on laboratory and field experiments, including, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • LNG;
  • LPG;
  • (Bio)methanol;
  • Biofuels;
  • Hydrogen;
  • Ammonia;
  • E-fuels;
  • Technologies and solutions helping minimize the negative impact of shipping: carbon capture and storage technologies, scrubbers, treatment technologies, etc.

Message from guest editor.

This special issue is now open for submission. Deadline for manuscript submissions: 30 September 2023. More information available at: JMSE | Special Issue : Sustainable Shipping: Alternative Fuels and Technologies for Marine Applications (mdpi.com)

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