2022 Oct/20

Practise from introduction to underwater archaeology on Ilovik

An internship from the course “Introduction to Underwater Archeology”, conducted by the University of Zadar within the EU-CONEXUS elective program ( Minors ), is in progress. Under the mentorship of Associate Professor Irene Radić Rossi from the Department of Archeology, UNIZD, students will complete an internship on the island of Ilovik.

Enrolled students from eight partner universities are studying, researching and enjoying the beauties of the Adriatic Sea and will use the specific knowledge acquired to compete in the demanding job market after completing their study programs. The practical classes were divided into two parts and the first group of students successfully completed the training. It is the second time that the University of Zadar organizes practical courses.

Lea Cesarec, a second-year student of the Culture and Tourism program, is full of impressions: “I am very glad that I enrolled in this course, because it helped me understand that I want to work in a similar field in the future.” I enjoyed every minute: I helped with some of the work related to the amphorae that were found, met new people (other students and the team actively working at the archeological site), and took the NAUI course for divers. I hope that there will be an opportunity to meet everyone again and that I will visit Ilovik again.”

”The EU-CONEXUS external mobility was very beneficial for me because I was able, first of all, to develop my communication skills in English and at the same time those of relating to people and working in a team. I was very excited about the diving courses, for which I gave my all. The fact that I could see an underwater archeological site and that I could enter its story, fascinated me and keeps me present in the story to this day.” – David Luca – UTCB Minor Student

”Together with the Underwater Archeology team I learned not only about archeology and acquired a new license in diving, but I also spent hours in a row with people from different continents, individuals who shared their stories with us, kept us with our imagination switched on and continuous suspense. I want to thank everyone, from the students from Spain and Croatia, the teacher, the instructors to the chef who took care of our culinary appetites. I look forward to the next experience with EU-CONEXUS.  With love,  Tamara from UTCB”

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