2022 May/10

EU-CONEXUS Final sport Games in Zadar (May 2022)

During the period 5-6 May 2022, the EU-CONEXUS Final Sport Games were held in Croatia with the participation of six (6) students from La Rochelle Université, five (5) students of the Agricultural University of Athens, forteen 14 students of the Universidad Catolica de Valencia, seven (7) students from Klaipeda University, twenty (20) students from University of Technical University of Civil  Engineering of Bucharest and six (6) students of University of Zadar. The students had the opportunity of travelling to Croatia along with their teachers of physical education, as well as representing their University in the finals.

The team sports included Dodgeball, Rope pulling and Horseshoe throwing, which because of their particularity, created a pleasant climate amongst the participants, who had the chance to get to know one another and feel the sense of “fair play”.

The students made a visit to the University of Zadar in Croatia, whereas they were shown around the coastal old city next to the University. Besides, they had the opportunity of cooperating with students of other universities on an international environment, fostering their relationships with the competent respect towards diversity of each culture, encouraging good sportsmanship, in addition to gaining experiences and knowledge.

A meeting of the Student Board was also held in physical during this event.


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