2022 Mar/30

La Rochelle Université welcomes its first Job Shadowing EU-CONEXUS

On the 29th and 30th of March, La Rochelle Université hosts its firsts Job Shadowing EU-CONEXUS.

Members of Klaipeda University, University of Zadar, Catholic University of Valencia, Agricultural University of Athens, Frederick university and Waterford Institute of Technology will fly over to discover and learn about the cultural and artistic life on La Rochelle Université’s campus and share about their own. Guests and hosts will also gather to brainstorm about the cultural aspects to implement in the next EU-CONEXUS Festival.

Coming over during a student festival called “Festival les Etudiants à l’Affiche”, visiting members of EU-CONEXUS will also get the pleasure to enjoy some of the events and activities designed by La Rochelle Université’s students during this event.

By enabling staff from all EU-CONEXUS members, Job Shadowing initiatives are the perfect occasion to strengthen administrative staff network and share best practices within partners based on a better understanding of each other administrative cultures.

To find out more about the Job Shadowing concept: click here.

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