2021 Nov/10

EU-CONEXUS joins CNN #CallToEarth

We are proud to join @CNN #CallToEarth as EU-CONEXUS cares for coastal sustainability in Europe!

  • Universidad Catόlica de Valencia Supports saving nacras (bivalve molluscs) from their extinction : acting as water filters at the Mediterranean Sea.
  • La Rochelle Université supports sustainable production of aperitif crackers in circular economy by using spent beer grains resulting from beer brewing.
  • Agricultural University of Athens supports sustainable food solutions in circular economy by producing powders from Greek aquaculture fish by-products.
  • Klaipeda University supports innovative methods of oil spills clean-up in the Baltic sea by producing aerogel from cigarette buts.
  • Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest supports smart buildings adaptable to climate change effects by using smart facades, solar energy collectors and full building automation.
  • University of Zadar supports the decarbonisation of the existing cross-border maritime links based on a Decision Support System for planning of eco-routes

All information: Call to Earth
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