2021 Oct/07

KU offers 2 big training oppoortunities

Master FishFarmer Class (MFFC)

Across the modern aquaculture and seafood industry appropriate trainings and competence building is essential to support business performance and development. This is where AquaVIP has a field for action. Presenting Master FishFarmer Class (MFFC) they focus on AquaProfi community, inviting professionals and young talents from the all South Baltic region to join this exceptional online courses. Starting 20 October 2021!

Specialist in aquaculture? Join MFFC and grow as aquaculture professional.

Leader/ entrepreneur? Encourage your colleagues/ employees to participate in MFCC and make your business stronger.

Overview & Scope

The complete Master FishFarmer Class (MFFC) will contain

6 different topics, which will be presented online:

  • RAS Technology
  • Larviculture
  • Fish diseases and Parasites
  • Algae Production
  • Aquafeeds, Nutrient Requirements, Feed Additives
  • Aquaculture Business, Marketing, Product Development

More information: https://www.ku.lt/en/blog/akvakulturos-specialistams-master-fishfarmer-class-mffc-mokymu-programa/

Blue Growth Leaders Academy

Blue Growth Academy (BGA) aims to provide the insights and tools to bridge that difficult gap between the traditional development of strategy based on continuous improvement and innovative approach based on emerging blue economies.

● Discover market opportunities.
● Gain new insights about the hidden barriers to strategic execution and how to overcome them as you navigate blue economies
● Acquire a deep understanding of how to get results from future strategic initiatives
● Join a network of professionals with a similar mindset.

The content of the programme will consist of thematic areas related to the following Blue Economy industries:

● Port and Shipping
● Blue Biotechnology
● Sea and Coastal Tourism
● Innovation Management & Business Strategy

More information: https://www.ku.lt/leaders_academy/

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