2021 May/05

The first Job Shadowing of EU-CONEXUS, sharing good practices

Find here the experience testimonials of our colleague Ramona, who made a ‘Job Shadowing’ exchange. For one week she was in Valencia, Spain, sharing and learning about work procedures and cultural talks.

The opportunity of making an EU-CONEXUS job shadowing:

As soon as I found out about the Call to apply for Job Shadowing within EU-CONEXUS, I considered it a meaningful opportunity to meet and to connect better with my colleagues from other universities of the alliance. The purpose of EU-CONEXUS Job Shadowing is to encourage and develop collaboration between partner universities, to understand the administrative culture of each partner university, to strengthen the network of administrative staff and exchange of good practices.

How was your experience in UCV?

My experience in UCV was outstanding, first of all, I was able to observe and to understand the organizational culture within EU-CONEXUS Department at UCV – I did the Job Shadowing with my peer Minor Officer, Malgorzata Musinska, but I had the chance to meet all the EU-CONEXUS members at UCV – and to observe how their meetings are structured, how they organize events and which is the relationship between the EU-CONEXUS Department and the institutional members of UCV involved in EU-CONEXUS activities.

I was impressed by the professionalism and dedication of UCV team for achieving the EU-CONEXUS objectives and by their team working and good collaboration to reach their goals. I found out that the EU-CONEXUS Department of UCV is formed of young and international staff that is flexible, open-minded and problem solving orientated. I will take them as an example of leadership, motivation and good planning and execution working way.

After 4 days spent in UCV, I will do my best to improve my work at my university, by being more structured, by organizing my work backwards and by improving my communication skills. I was inspired by the good collaboration between the institutional part of UCV with the EU-CONEXUS Department and I will try to give this meaningful example in UTCB as well.

How did you apply?

The application process is clear and transparent, firstly I contacted the person that I wanted to do the Job Shadowing with, I asked about her availability and we discussed the work plan for the days spent with her. Having this step done, I completed the EU-CONEXUS Job Application Form (here), I did the plans for traveling to Spain, and I prepared all the other documents asked by my home university in order to complete the application process. I know it’s quite risky to plan travels nowadays but with a good structure and a little bit of luck – Job Shadowing it’s possible.

What are your recommendations to other colleagues?

I totally recommend the Job Shadowing experience because it will create a better collaboration and communication within EU-CONEXUS because we need more human connection, and we will improve our communication and ways to work if we will meet more often in person. UCV team was very open to receive me and integrate in their job activities. This experience contributes to the growth of my organizational and communication skills.

Ramona Diac, EU-CONEXUS Minor Officer in UTCB, Romania

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