2021 Jan/11

EU-CONEXUS present at CPMR inter Mediterranean and Commission Youth Council event

The Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions Inter Mediterranean and Commission Youth Council organized on the 15th of December 2020 dealt with The role of Mediterranean Youth in climate action: Which tools, which opportunities?

The CPMR campaigns in favour of a more balanced development of the European territory. It operates both as a think-tank and as a lobby for Regions.

Two representatives of EU-CONEXUS Public and Corporate Relations Unit attended the above mentioned conference.

The aim of the event was to foster opportunities of collaboration for Regions and Youth, youth and education for a sustainable Mediterranean economy, sustainable consumption in the blue economy, regional incentives for the Youth in the sustainable blue economy, the green economy divided between each territory, the fight against climate change, institutions that address issues related to youth on a daily basis.

The Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions brings together more than 150 Regions from 24 States from the European Union and beyond and represents more than 200 million people.

During the conference the participants expressed their interests concerning the integration and encouragement of students/ young persons to develop initiatives and have an inventive approach on subjects related to the blue economy sector such as the constant growth of tourists on the Mediterranean shores (1/3 of international tourists of the planet), the intense maritime traffic (30%), the oil traffic (30%) and artisanal fishing (80%), the climate change and the global warming with increased risk of fire, extreme climatic events and increasing pressure on irrigation water resources and disappearance of approx. 20% of fish species.

As main conclusions for the two sessions (Climate action, how to strengthen the link between Youth and the Region? and Education and sustainable future, which paths for youth in the Mediterranean blue economy?), the rapporteurs underlined the need and desire to strengthen the cooperatives with other countries to create teams, workshops, conferences to gather ideas and the need to promote the cooperation between regions on common issues.

Also citizens are not very involved with this subject and for this, they must be changed, influenced, sensitized, and environmental actions need to take into account the future generations.

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