With the proposal of “Building Student Identity for European Universities Alliance” project consortium aims to respond to the call proposal “Inclusion and diversity in all fields of education, training, youth and sport”. 8 project partners with a formal support from 6 other European alliances and 8 student organisations of EU-CONEXUS universities addresses the issue of fostering and enabling students participation in the activities of European Alliances thus making inter-university campus of the alliance more inclusive.

The project team will aim to build an transversal and inclusive student identity, that welcomes all the students despite their study field or cycle, race or nationality, spoken language or interests, reduced mobility or learning challenges.

Building and strengthening alliance’s student identity, we will promote the added value and benefits of studying at European University alliances and give an impulse to deepen inter-connection between higher education systems of various European countries, facilitate innovative collaboration, learning and exchange between the students (and academic and researchstaff), offering new paths of to promote European identity and values.