Governing Structures of EU‐CONEXUS

The Governing Board

This board is the strategic decision-making body of the Alliance and is composed by rectors of partner universities or their sufficiently mandated delegates. The engagement of the highest decision-making level at the partner universities guarantees the uphold of the institutional commitment and alignment to the Alliances’ activities and its continuous development towards administrative and procedural integration.

A joint Management Board

This board is composed by institutional coordination managers who are coordinating all implementation activities of the Alliance that might cover several projects from different funding sources at the local level.

Academic Council

This board is supervising the strategic orientations and implementation of the educational offers developed jointly within the Alliance.

Research Council

This board is supervising the strategic orientation and implementation of the joint research area, its activities and infrastructures.

An External Advisory Board

Building on the advisory structure and methodology set up in the statutes of the EAB, its advisory function will continue to include the review of the general progress reports, the issue of recommendations on specific strategic orientations and the general guidance on the development of the Alliance.

Student board

This board is the representative body of students from all partners and participates in strategic decision-making in all levels and implements specific activities for students.

Executive Board

This board supervises the implementation of strategic orientations set by the GB for all missions of the European University. It decides on procedural measures and prepares strategic decisions to be brought before the GB.

Coordination Committee

This board is coordinating the implementation of all activities of the Alliance that might cover several projects from different funding sources, provides central support functions, and assists in preparing strategic development proposals.

Joint Service Structures of EU-CONEXUS

EU‐CONEXUS joint service structures with relevant staff members from partner institutions include:

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