Conexus Dance Project Call for participation

Conexus Dance project is a collaborative dance project which aims at creating synergy and connection between all EU-CONEXUS campuses.

Through the art of movement, Conexus Dance project will strengthen the sense of community between EU-CONEXUS Alliance.

You like moving, dancing ?

Then this call is for you!

Join Conexus Dance masterclass and transform Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability into a « movement phrase ». The project is supervised by Jennifer Macavinta, dancer and choreographer with the support of local dancers and choreographers in some countries.

Collaborative Creating synergy and connection between all EU-CONEXUS campuses Strengthening EU-CONEXUS sense of community through the art of movement Transforming Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability into a movement phrase

Conexus Dance project itinerary

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Participating in the EU-CONEXUS Dance Project was a new challenge for me, giving me the opportunity to go beyond the usual limits, to collaborate in a different way with people and to express feelings and gestures through dance movements.

Ștefania Hăbeanu – UTCB student

Supervising artist, dancer and choreographer

Jennifer Macavinta

Jennifer Macavinta is a Filipino-American dancer and choreographer. She received her dance degree from California State University, Long Beach. She has toured extensively and internationally with Pilobolus Dance Theatre. In France, she was awarded the “Talents Danse” Adami prize for a solo interpretation (Paris 2006). The choreographer Kaori Ito gave her her role in Le Bourgeois gentilhomme with French director, Denis Podalydes. Jennifer Macavinta

choreographed and performed L’enfant et les sortilèges (presented on French national theatres and at the Philharmonie de Paris). In 2021, she received her black belt in Tai Chi Chuan from the French Karate Federation. Today, she is part of an art collectif at the Maison Müe where she continues to create and share her two passions: martial arts and dance.

Jennifer Macavinta

Collaboration with local dancers and choreographers in some countries

Roxana Alexandra Costea – Romania

Roxana Alexandra Costea is a dancer and choreographer, graduate of UNATC Bucharest and part of the “Cuibul Artistilor” (Artists’ Nest) an independent theatre team in Bucharest.

The EU-Conexus Dance project was a refreshing experience. I met and worked with people who were open to exploring and I was able to share with them the joy of creating art through movement. I would happily repeat the experience anytime!” Roxana Costea

Roxana Alexandra Costea - Romania

Ester Garijo, Contemporary dancer and choreographer

Ester Garijo – Spain

She studied at the Valencia Higher Dance Conservatory and there she participated into a European project that brought together universities from Germany, The Netherlands and Spain. She has also danced in several Valencian companies and also at a European level. She has worked with choreographers such as Ivan Pérez, Georg Reischl, Toni Aparisi, Ananda Dansa.

She is currently a dance teacher and also combines dance with photography.

Ester Garijo - Spain

Matea Bilosnić – Croatia

Matea Bilosnić is a choreographer, dancer, performer and a multimedia artist. She began her dance education in the Zadar Dance Ensemble, with which she continues to collaborate as a choreographer, performer, videographer and organizer to this day.

For two years, she worked as a performer in the dance company En Knap Group (Slovenia) where she collaborated with Joseph Nadj, Kathleen Fischer (Trisha Brown dance company), Guy Nader & Maria Campos. After returning to Croatia, she collaborates with numerous theaters creating choreography and shaping stage movement in dramatic performances. With Zadar Dance Ensemble, she created Gozd-danse macabre, for which she was awarded with the award of the Croatian Theater Gild in the category of best choreography in 2020. The same year, she also created the solo Klown, for which she also created music, choreography and text, and is currently on tour. She is a teaching assistant at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, teaching Stage movement course. Matea is also a part of the production team for the Stream Zadar educational platform, and coordinator and selector of the Monoplay festival of contemporary dance. In addition to theater and dance, she is also interested in music and is self-taught in music production in Ableton software.

Matea Bilosnić - Croatia


To sign up for the other masterclasses, get in touch with your local contact.

UCVCatholic University of Valencia – a masterclass on 13th March 2024 with dancer Ester
SETUSouth East Technological University – masterclass on 13th April
UNIZDUniversity of Zadar – masterclass on 26th April 2024 with dancer and choreographer Matea Bilosnić 
UROSUniversity of Rostock – masterclass on 08th May
KUKlaipeda University – masterclass in May;