The programme has been designed as a research master, the graduates of which are expected to work at high proficiency, research oriented positions or to continue studies in PhD cycle.

Knowledge: Highly specialised knowledge, some of which is at the forefront of knowledge in a field of work or study, as the basis for original thinking and/or research critical awareness of knowledge issues in a field and at the interface between different fields

On successful completion of this programme, students should be able to demonstrate comprehensive and specialised knowledge and understanding of:
K1 – The A wide biodiversity of marine genetic resources as a starting point to search for new bioactive compounds.K2 – State-of-the-art techniques for extraction, identification and functionalisation of new molecules associated with bioactivities from marine origin feedstocks.K3 – Validation processes of brand-new marine bioproducts for their application to biomedicine, cosmetics and agri-food sectors.
K4 – Innovative procedures for the optimisation and improvement of functional compounds biosynthesis derived from marine organism cultures.K5 – Environmental marine microbiome as a biotechnology approach to ecosystem management.K6 – Advanced culturing techniques for a wide range of aquatic organisms suitable for biomass production.K7 –  Current strategies for funding, protection, transfer and commercialisation of R&D results in the biotechnological business environment.

Skills: Specialised problem-solving skills required in research and/or innovation in order to develop new knowledge and procedures and to integrate knowledge from different fields

On successful completion of this programme, students should be able to:
S1 – Develop a workflow with highly specialized analytic equipment to discover new molecules with specific bioactivity.S2 – Prepare in-vitro and in-vivo assays for validation of new bioproductsS3 – Propose cutting-edge biotechnological processes for biomass production from marine organisms.S4 –  Comprehensively assess patterns, trends and correlations from genomic data analysis for environmental applications.S5 – Integrate avant-garde selective breeding programmes as a tool for a sustainable aquaculture.
S6 – Evaluate the relevance of laboratory results in order to choose next steps in bioproduct discovery roadmapsS7 – Extensively interpret entrepreneurial opportunities within biotechnology research to successfully launch new products and services in an emerging market.S8 – Formulate ground-breaking proposals to make the emerging sector of Blue-biotech more visible and attractive for stakeholders to consider as a viable investment venue to further develop research focused on an industrial application.S9 – Efficiently integrate problem-solving skills and specialised knowledge and understanding from Blue-biotech for innovative solutions to current challenges concerning marine organisms.S10 – Set up an efficient biotechnological pipeline to develop innovative marine natural products.

Responsibility and autonomy: Manage and transform work or study contexts that are complex, unpredictable and require new strategic approaches; take responsibility for contributing to professional knowledge and practice and/or for reviewing the strategic performance of teams

On successful completion of this programme, students should be able to:
R1 – Collaborate, manage, and lead multidisciplinary working groups to facilitate transnational and cross-border development of innovation and research projects to provide a coherent all-inclusive framework for the emerging sector of blue biotechnology.R2 – Efficiently and skilfully manage a wide range of sophisticated laboratory equipment to carry out assigned tasks individually or in a collaborative working environment.R3 – Create and manage entrepreneurial approaches to Blue-biotech to maximise its transformative impact on biomedicine, cosmetics and agri-food sectors.R4 – Comply with the standards set by social responsibility and civic awareness to establish pioneering business models for a sustainable biotech industry.R5 – Convincingly communicate scientific results in the emerging field of Blue-biotechnology to an audience of peers and non-peers by means of highly organised, coherent, and cohesive both written and oral discourses to contribute to the betterment of the field.