For Students

Students will develop interdisciplinary knowledge on big global social, technical, economic and environmental challenges. EU‐CONEXUS will be the European University for excellent students with societal awareness.


  • Opportunity to get the European Student Card;
  • Opportunity to get  common European degrees and common European diplomas;
  • Opportunity to be part of joint research institutes;
  • Participation in international projects;
  • Development of multilingualism which will be promoted strongly by compulsory language trainings for mobility students;
  • Advantages of the European Student Vocational Training System;
  • Comfortable digital learning environment;
  • Participation in multicultural seminars, workshops, and study groups, research teams and laboratories where students will gain multicultural experiences by their daily contacts, cooperation and communication;
  • EU‐CONEXUS development of synergies between partners and the industrial world, for students’ employment and for bridging the gap between industry and academic society;
  • Participation in summer and/or winter schools – mobility actions for the students of partner institutions that are not directly involved in joint study programmes, for those who could not participate in student mobility during the academic year and for the students of other European or international universities;
  • Using Virtual Library for educational resources.