2022-Jun 13

SEA-EU Talent Initiative

13 June at 11:00 (CET) a series of researchers, belonging to the social sciences and humanities fields and coming from different partner universities of the SEA-EU Alliance, will be communicating their latest research findings to their peers in a two-hour webinar.

The European University of the Seas (SEA-EU) is thrilled to announce the first webinar within the SEA-EU Talent initiative, which intends to promote the work of young scientists across the Alliance.

Under the title Going beyond the seas: interdisciplinary studies on individuals and societies, the following researchers will explain their respective research fields as well as the latest projects in which they have been involved, thus contributing to the dissemination of their respective projects’ results and building bridges between researchers from the different universities of the SEA-EU Alliance. 

Researchers from member universities of EU-CONEXUS are welcome to observe the webinar on 13 of June, where young researchers will share information on their research projects and latest findings to other colleagues in the field of social sciences and humanities. A short bio and description of each speaker’s research background and presentation at the webinar can be found here:

The event will be livestreamed on Youtube.

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